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Garage Door Springs

United Garage Door Gary, IN 219-215-3022The garage door spring is at the heart if the garage door system. The garage door spring also withstands the heavy weight of the door which makes it a critical component.

At United Garage Door, our full garage door springs stock includes the torsion spring enabling our experts to guide you to decide and understand how everything works. If you need a quick and efficient repair of your garage door, it will be worth no note that United Garage Door is capable of providing fast and reliable repair.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs help to compensate for the load of the heavy garage door. They are usually affixed to a metal bar that is installed over the garage door. At each end the bar has a spool of cables at each end and therefore the cable with the spring that is usually unwinding to pull the door open. The torsion spring design makes it easy to maneuver a load that would be difficult to move. The torsion spring is able to perform this operation with the aid of a thick wire. The size of this wire determines the life and strength of the torsion spring. A regular residential house will have a garage door with one or two of these torsion springs while a larger commercial house will require more than two springs.

Extension Springs

As the door stays in motion, it is the work of the extension springs to manipulate the weight of the door by stretching and contracting. The extension springs pull to counterbalance the weight of the door while the shortening spring forces the door up towards the roof. The torsion and the spring extension work under extreme pressure and are best serviced by a professional.

Spring Repair

Unlike other parts of the garage door, the springs are usually most likely to fail. The springs are usually designed in a particular way that differentiates them from other components. The fact that the springs are meant to withstand the weight of the garage door presents a dangerous probability that should be avoided at all costs. The average garage door usually weighs about a ton. When you have a weak spring, the door can crash to the ground causing a lot of damage. To preserve your safety, United Garage Door specializes in garage door springs repair and maintenance so as to protect your garage door and those around it